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Reverse Charades is a hilarious twist on the classic game of charades. Instead of one person acting out a clue for a team to guess, in Reverse Charades, a team acts out clues for one person to guess.

Game Type

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 or more players

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Why We Like It

What a genius twist on charades! Instead of one person guessing, you have the whole team acting and one person trying to soak it all in and rack up as many points in one turn. It's total teamwork and mind-melding. For $20, I wish there was at least 25% more cards. That would have increased the replay by much. There isn't that much in the box at all, so that is the least they could have done. Other than that, the game is phenomenal. I'm going to be taking this twist and applying it to all my other charade games. If you're looking for the ultimate charade game, look up CoMotion. It's hands down the best one out there. There are two editions to it. I'll be playing these two games combined!

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