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A game where players place curses on other players which must be maintained throughout the game creating some odd behaviors.

Game Type

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


3 to 6 players

What You Need To Play

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Why We Like It

The gist of the game is that on each of your turns you must do a challenge card. The cards have a challenge such as "You are Santa Clause, tell each player what they are getting for Christmas" or "You are an airplane pilot in a plane that is crash landing, show how you would make the announcement to your passengers."

If you at least try to do your challenge you get to give a "Curse" card to someone. This is what is actually funny about the game. The curses vary and say things such as "You are now fingerless; do not use your fingers anymore." "Speak as though you have an invisible golf ball in your mouth." "You are Scooby Doo speak like him. IE I am Rooby Roo." and "Every time someone touches you, you must act like you are being electrocuted."

If you catch another player not following their curse cards (and this gets complicated once you have four or more) you ding the bell on them and say "curse breaker." They must then flip that curse card. Three cards flipped and they are out. (As a note, we added a house rule that once someone was out they could still play)

This game certainly produced some laugh out loud moments for each group I played with and, the image of my sisters with their "fingerless" hands against their head singing a Christmas Carol in a high pitched voice in a wicked witch's accent, havening to echo the last word of each sentence, backwards (one's Curse card said you had to copy the player to your left) was pretty funny.

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