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This is a classic circle game where the group tries to figure out the solution to 'crossed' or 'uncrossed'

Game Type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 or more players


A pair of scissors, preferably blunt for safety


Players sit in a circle, passing a pair of scissors to the player on the left or right (may reverse direction at random). The scissors may be open or closed. The person holding the scissors announces to the group that he/she is passing the scissors to the next player and says "Crossed" or "Uncrossed". In the process of the game, the players learn whether or not they are correct in their "Crossed/Uncrossed" statement. The game is over when all players learn whether to say "Crossed" or "Uncrossed" correctly while passing the scissors.

The solution to the game is whether or not the legs of the person passing the scissors are crossed or uncrossed. For example: the person holding the scissors passes them the the next player and says "Crossed". If the player passing the scissors has their legs crossed at the knees or even just at the ankles, they are correct in saying "Crossed". The players who haven't figured out the solution will be concentrating on the condition of the scissors (open or closed) or how they were passed (left hand to right hand) This works best if one or two players know the solution and be creative in passing the scissors. It can be great fun for those who figure it out early and frustrating for the last ones!

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