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A game of charades where player must act out who, where and what was used. Lot's of fun!

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players




3 players are sent out of the room to a sound proof location. These three will separately decide who goes first, second and third. We will call these three people "Player 1" "Player 2" and "Player 3". The rest of the group decide on three things: 1) who did the murder 2) what they used and 3) where they did it. For example, the group might agree that Abraham Lincoln did it in Mexico with a cuckoo clock. Then the Player 1 returns to the group and can ask ANY in the group three questions but only one at a time. For example they might ask a random person "Who did it?" and that person would act out the person (in this case Abraham Lincoln) without making ANY sound. You only get one chance to act out so they must pay attention. Then Player 1 would ask another random person, "What did they do it with?" and it would again be acted out charades style. Finally the third question is asked and acted out. Now Player 2 returns the group ask each question one at a time and Player 1 must act out ALL 3 things for Player 2. Now Player 3 returns and Player 2 acts out all three questions/things for Player 3.

Finally starting with player 3, then Player 2 and finally Player 1, each reveals what they think the answers are. This is a fun group game.

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