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Win all the pennies by throwing the right numbers with your dice.

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Two dice 10 pennies for each player 1 ft diameter circle with nine equal sectionsNumber the segments from 3 through 11 (see below)


The Banker distributes an equal number of pennies to each player. Ten pennies is a good number. The player to the left of the Banker begins the game. The first player throws the two dice. The sum of the two dice is counted. He places a penny in the segment of the layout sheet corresponding to the number he has thrown. For example if he has throws 34, he places a penny on space 7. Play proceeds clockwise. The second player takes his turn, also placing a penny on the segment corresponding to his total. As soon as any segment contains three pennies, the next player to cast that total wins those pennies. Note that there is neither a 2 nor a 12 on the layout sheet. A player who rolls snake eyes (1-1) must put a penny on every number on the layout that does not already have three pennies. A player who throws a 12 has hits the jackpot. He immediately collects all the pennies on the entire layout. Play then begins again with the player to his left.

How to win:

Play may continue for a predetermined length of time, or until one player wins all the pennies.

Play circle:


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