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Auction off fun and hilarious prizes to the highest bidder. Lots of fun to wrap up a party.

Game Type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 or more players


Envelopes, play money, brown paper bags, prizes ($1 to $5)


This game is designed to be played after all other games at your party have been played. Before your party or gathering, put play money (like Monopoly money) in envelopes with one bill per envelope. Use bills of $20, $50 and $100. Next, play games and have the players play for about 5 envelopes per game with the winners of each game getting an envelope. You can give first place an envelope with a higher bill or you might just let the winners randomly choose from a handful of envelopes.

Once you play all your games and get rid of all the envelopes, you start the auction. Hold up a prize in a brown paper bag and start the bidding with $20. Then everyone will get the hang of the auction. The catch is that you hold the brown bag up with the prize inside and have them bid without knowing what they are bidding on. The person with the highest bid opens the bag and to see what they have bought.

Have some fun and put some good prizes in bags and some practical jokes in the bags. My guests really enjoyed it when I did this game for my son's baby shower. Especially when someone got some baby food with a bib. That was hysterical. Have fun

Submitted by:

Veronica Dia, Window Rock, AZ

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