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A unique game of hide and seek for teens where the payoff is love's first kiss.

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


10 or more players.




This game is based on hide and seek and must be played with a large group of 10 or more, more or less equally composed of girls and boys. Pick two girls to be princesses. Pick 4-5 boys to be knights. Pick one boy or girl to be the sorcerer. The rest of the players are wanderers must be equally divided and assigned to the knights. Therefore, each knight should have one or more wanderers.

Choose a large area to play. This most likely would be outdoors spanning multiple homes including front and back yards, or even potentially inside a very large building with lots of rooms and places to hide. Next choose a playing time and choose a time keeper. A typical round should be about 5-8 minutes. At the end of this time the round ends.

First, the princesses hide themselves in different locations. They should not hide together. The rest of the group should count or wait a period of time, usually 1 minute or a little more. The wanders, knights and sorcerer then go to find them. When a princess is found by a knight they should quietly hide together until the round ends.

If a princess is found by a wanderer, then she has to stay put while he/she goes to find his/her knight. The wanderer quietly tells the knight were the princess is (they are not allowed to tell him the name of the princess) and the knight must run to hide with the princess before another knight gets her. Once a knight and princess are together, they are free to hide together anywhere they choose and can move around.

However, if the sorcerer finds a knight and princess together, using his "magic" he will send the princess off to hide in a new place without the knight, and the knight is frozen and must wait another minute before beginning the search again.

If a knight (let's call him knight B) finds a princess after another knight (let's call him knight A) has found her, then knight B has to option to continue looking for another princess or to duel with knight A. Only knight B has option to fight or flee. If challenged to a duel, knight A MUST fight. Also, knight A can challenge knight B to a duel but knight B can decline.

If knight A and knight B fight, they simply do rock, paper, scissors. The winner stays with the princess and the loser dies and is out of the game. A losing "dead" knight and his assigned wanderers cannot speak until the end of the round.

If knight B chooses not to fight, he looses his "honor" and cannot speak until healed by the sorcerer by simply touching him/her. During this time, wanderers are also not allowed to speak until their knight is healed.

Wanderers can be used by knights to confuse and fool other knights and the sorcerer by using any trick they can think of. Wanderers do NOT have to stay with their knights but are free to wander around or server missions for them. Princesses are not allowed to scream.

The Payoff:

At the end of the round, The knight and princesses who are together gather back at the "castle" (home base) and enjoy loves first kiss together. After all, this is the whole point of the game!


Knights can be forced to fight when one if found with a princess. In this version there is no choice of fight or flight for knight B.

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