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Win baked goodys or prizes by being on the right number when the music stops.

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


8 or more players.


Baked goods or prizes.


Mark off a circle in the walk area with numbered squares and have corresponding tickets numbered in a jar or hat. Usually you'll want to have at least 12 to 18 squares, players and tickets. Players are to start out standing on a square that is numbered, one person per square. Announce the baked good or prize for the current round. Start playing music and then stop it after 10-30 seconds. When you it stops players should end up on a numbered square. Once everyone has a number to stand on, pull out a numbered ticket randomly from the jar or hat. The player standing on the corresponding number wins the baked goody or prize. This is a very popular game so make sure that you have a lot of numbered squares. If no one is standing on one of the numbers pulled, pull out another number until someone wins.

Halloween Variations:

This is especially fun when all the kids are dressed up in costume. Monster pictures are relatively easy to find and you can use them for the floor squares and call the monster names instead of using numbers. In addition to monsters like Count Dracula & Frankenstein you could use the names of the characters from "The Munsters" or "The Adams Family" as well. Michael Jackson's Thriller theme song, Monster Mash or Halloween scary sounds are perfect for the music. A dim lit room and strobe lights are also fun for this game.

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