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A drawing game where players guess movie titles or book titles based on sketches made by other players. Lots of fun. This game has potential to be hilarious.

Game Type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


4 or more players


Paper and pencils


Print out a sketching page for each player. Click here for an example page you can print.


Give each player a pen or pencil. Each player starts by writing down the name of a movie at the top of the sheet. When this is done, everyone passes their sheet of paper to the player on their left. Then everyone draws a sketch of the title that appears on the sheet that they have just received. When this is done, they fold over the paper so that the title in concealed and only the sketch is visible. Everyone passes their sheet of paper to the left again. Now you have to guess which book title is depicted by the sketch you have just received and write your guess in the text box. Then fold over the paper so that the sketch is concealed and only the text is visible. This continues until everyone reaches the bottom of the sheets. They are passed on once more and opened up so that the contents can provide lots of laughter all round! If you find that people are taking too long over the sketches, introduce a time limit. Thirty seconds is good for adult groups but one minute is best if children are playing.


Scoring is optional if you choose to score then make sure each player includes their initials beside each sketch or title they write. Award one point each time a player correctly guesses a sketch and also give a point to the person who drew the sketch. (This can be a little time consuming which is why its optional). Keep a count of the scores so that you know who has won by the time you get to the end of the game.


You can vary the type of titles used each round. It makes the game work better if you choose a title that everyone else is familiar with.

Round 1: Movie Titles
Round 2: Book Titles
Round 3: TV Titles
Round 4: Song Titles

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