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A fun variation of musical chairs.

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Notebook sized cardboard pieces, colored paper, or sheets of paper (1 for each player)


No running is allowed. Arms of players must be kept at their sides like penguin wings. Players must walk like a penguin at all times!

Decribe the scene to the players. Tell of the penguins that live in the Antarctic and that they get on ice flows to rest.

Each of the sheets is spread in a random fashion about the yard or room. They represent ice flows that the penguins can get on to rest. The area between the flows represents the ocean. Each player is a penguin.

Have the penguins each get onto an ice flow, but only one to an ice flow. When you blow a whistle or start music the penguins are to leave the ice flow and walk around as if swimming in the ocean. Remind them of the rules.

While the penguins travel about remove one of the ice flows. When the whistle blows again or music stops the penguins get on the ice flows to rest. One penguin is without an ice flow and is removed from the game. Remove ice flows in an order that spreads them farther apart as they diminish in number. Continue until one penguin is left on the last ice flow. Toward the end the penguins get to hovering around the ice flows. Kids will be watching you remove the ice flows and can be cagey. This is where the rules come to your benefit while removing ice flows. Walking like penguins slows them down.


When there are only two penguins left and only one "ice flow", then only one will be the final winner.

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