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Get rid of all your cards but be careful if you don't have what you say you have!

Game Type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 to 10 players


Standard deck of cards


Have the group sit in a circle. Use a standard pack of 52 cards. Deal all the cards to the players as evenly as possible. Some players may end up with one more card then other but this is OK. Make a space in the middle of the group or table for a discard pile. Choose someone to go first.


The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards first. The first player begins by playing/discarding their aces in the discard pile. These are placed on the pile face down and are not shown to any other player. For example, if a player has two aces. He/she would say "I have two aces" and place them face down on the discard pile. The next player in line then plays twos, the player after that three's and so on up through kings. After kings, the next player plays aces again and so on.


A player has the option of bluffing during their turn. For example, if on you turn you are supposed to play sevens but you don't have any sevens, you would play one, two, three or four cards face down and announce they are seven. Let's say you decide to bluff two cards, then you would choose any two cards from your hand and say "I have two sevens" or simply "Two sevens" and place them on the stack. Also, you can bluff several cards along with actual cards, so let's say you are suppose to play jacks and you only have one jack. You could opt to play just the one jack or you could play the jack with one or more "fake" cards and bluff by saying "Three jacks" for example. This can be risky but this adds to the fun of the game.

Calling a bluff:

If a player suspects that the played cards are not real, they can call a bluff by saying "Popcorn!". If this happens the played cards are turned over and if they are real (meaning the player did not bluff) then the person who called the bluff must take the entire pile of cards and add it to their hand. If the player who played the cards was indeed bluffing, then they must take the entire pile and add it to their hand.


After a bluff is called and resolved, play continues with the next person in line playing the next rank as usual. To win you must get rid of all your cards and survive any challenges from other players. Most likely this means that to win a player will go out playing a "real" card, not a fake card because usually when a player plays their last card other players will assume it's a bluff.


1. For bigger groups play with two decks.
2. Reverse rank: You can play starting with aces but go backwards to kings, then queens, jack and so on.
3. Up or down: In this version players can play or bluff ranks either higher or lower than the last rank played. For example, if the last rank played is eights, the next player can choose to play or bluff nines or sevens. If the player decides to go with sevens, the player after that could choose sixes or eights.
4. Bluff card count: You can play rules where players can play more cards on the discard pile than they say they really are. For example, I might say "Three queens" while really playing four cards (or five if you really want to risk it). This type of bluff is challenged in the usual way.

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