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Invent stories using random words. A great creativity exercise.

Game Type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 to 10 players


Papers and pens


Have all players each say any word he/she can think of. The players say the words according to their seating order. The words don't have to be connected with each other.
For example, the first player might say - "eagle", the second - "boy", the third - "lace", the fourth - "snake", the fifth - "sky", the sixth - "head", the seventh - "trees", the eighth - "ground" etc. Each player must write down all the words, expressed by all the players. Then the players must compose a story, using these words. The story may be as follows:

"One day an eagle was flying. In the distance he say a boy coming towards him. The boy's shoe lace came untied. The eagle thought the lace was a snake. He impetuously attacked the lace and lifted it together with the boy up into the sky. The boy felt uncomfortable flying upside down. So when the eagle was flying over the trees the boy slipped out of the boot and fell on a branch of a tree, slid down it and found himself back on the ground. He felt sorry that he lost his boot, but he was glad that he had had a chance to fly with an eagle."

Have each player reads his/her story aloud.

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