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Cupid chooses someone in the group to be your valentine. Can you guess who?

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


A paper valentine


Have the group sit in a circle. Choose one player to be "cupid". Choose another player to the "guesser". The guesser sits in the center of the circle and closes his/her eyes. Cupid gets to take the valentine and walk around the circle quietly handing it to the person of their choice. We'll refer to this person as the "valentine". If your are playing with older children, the "valentine" should ideally be someone of the opposite sex of the guesser. The valentine then hides the paper valentine behind their back so the guesser cannot see it. Then the guesser opens their eyes and gets three chances to guess the person who has the valentine. If they guess correctly they become the next cupid and they get the choose the player who is the next guesser. However, if they do not guess in three chances they are stuck in the middle again as the guesser until they guess correctly. In this case, the person with the valentine become the next cupid.

Variation of older kids:

A really funny thing to do is make the guesser do something funny if they don't guess their valentine in three guesses. For example, you can have the "valentine" choose someone in the circle to whom the guesser has to get down on one kneed and say "I love you I love you I love you - will you be my valentine?" This will get big laughs from the group.

Also, you can have them sing this song to the tune of "I'm a little teapot"

I'm a little Valentine,
Red and White.
With ribbons and lace,
I'm a beautiful sight.
I can say 'I love you',
On Valentines Day.
Just put me in an envelope,
And give me away.


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