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Ask rapid fire questions to players in the circle but do not answer them or you'll be out!

Game Type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


4 or more players




All players sit in somewhat of a circle, situated so that each player can easily face the person to his left and right. Decide who will go first and whether you will go clockwise or counterclockwise. We'll assume counterclockwise for the example below.


The first player faces the player to his right and asks a question. It can be any kind of question. There is no minimum or maximum length for questions. That player does not answer the question he was asked, but instead asks a question to the NEXT player in the circle. The next player asks the player after him a question, and so on. Players should look at the person who is asking them a question and at the player to whom they are asking a question.

A person is "out" if they do one of a few things after asked a question:
1) Answers the question answered -- EVEN if the answer is in the form of a question
2) Does not IMMEDIATELY ask the next person a question
3) Laughs
4) Makes a statement instead of a question
5) Repeats a question that was very recently asked

When a person is "out" they are not asked any questions, nor do they ask any questions, until the game is over. When there are only two people left, they ask each other questions back and forth.


Play continues until all players are out, the last one remaining being the winner.


1. People can ask a question to whomever they like
2. When getting out, instead of having to leave the game, the person must answer the question truthfully.

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