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Compete against another team and acquire points by knocking over a bowling pin with a basketball and shooting hoops.

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


8 or more players


A bowling pin (or a bottle or similar object which can be knocked down on impact) and two basketballs Basketball court with two hoops


Divide the group into two even teams. There also must be a leader who acts as judge and sets up the pin each time. Have each team line up at corners of the basketball court. Place the pin in the middle on the opposite site of the court.


Each round consists of two matches - a bowling match and a shooting match. Both teams always start rounds at the same time. Play continues non-stop through both matches until someone has won the bowling match and someone has won the shooting match.

Bowling Round:

The leader signals the start and the first two people in line bowl their basketballs across the floor at the pins with the intention of knocking it down. The first ball to touch the pin and knock it down wins the match and scores 2 points. Sometime the leader may have to make a judgment call as to who was first. The winner must retrieve their ball and bring it back to the next person on their team. This team immediately moves on to the shooting match (see below) while the loser has to chase down their ball (no matter how far it rolls) and run it back to the next person on their team and continue in the bowling match. If both teams miss, they both chase their balls and return them to the next people in line. However, keep in mind that once a match begins, teams do not have to wait for the other team to catch up before bowling or shooting again. They should only do this at the beginning of each new round. After a pin is knocked down, the leader should be nearby and set it up again quickly for the next bowlers.

Shooting Round:

When one team advances to the shooting match the next person in line must shoot and make a basket from the free throw line on their end of the court. If they miss they must continue chasing the ball, returning to the line and shooting until they make it. This make shooting a bit harder than bowling. If they make a shot, they score 1 point for their team and the round ends. Teams then regroup and the balls are moved to the next people in line and the pin is set up again.


Rounds continue until one team reaches 20 points.

4 Team Variation:

On larger courts with two full length courts side by side, four teams can play against each other by bowling from each respective corner and shooting at their assigned hoops. All the same rules apply.

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