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A contest involving shooting a basketball from different locations on the court, with points scored for baskets made at each location.

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 to 6 players


Basketball hoop and basketball


Players take turns shooting baskets at one end of a court. Use sticks, small stones, or chalk as markers for nine different locations around the basketball hoop at varying distances from and angles to the backboard. These nine locations can be anywhere within approximately 30 feet of the basket. Players take turns shooting the ball at the hoop from the various markers. If the ball goes in, that player moves to the next marker. If the shot is missed, the next player takes a turn. On their next turn, players pick up from their last missed marker.


The first player to make successful shots from each marker or all of the way "around the world, wins.


To make the game fair for players of different skill levels (or different sizes) mark two sets of locations. To level the playing field, make one for big kids and one for small kids. Another method is to have the better player(s) shoot with only one hand, or with their opposite hand.

Standard markers:

Although the shooting locations can be virtually anywhere, the standard nine locations are as follows:

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