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Find your animal mate! But no talking allowed.

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Papers with animal names


The game is best for an even numbered group with both sexes well-represented. Divide the group into two even groups and hand out slips of paper with animal names. There should be two slips of paper with the same animal name, one given to a person in each group. These might include elephant, kangaroo, lion, cat, shark, mouse, fly, snake, eagle, penquin etc. After a moment of thought, everyone begins to act like their animal (crawling, flapping etc.) and starts searching for the their animal counterpart. No speaking is allowed. When you find your mate you go to the referee (leader) who inspects your papers and determines if you are correct. If you are not correct, off you go back into the zoo to find your partner!


We played a variation of this game where we turned out the lights and made the sound our animal makes (cat-meow) to find our partners. When you find your partner you get quiet. It is hilarious. Another thing we did was make someone a turkey and not give him/her a partner. At the end they are the turkey and the only one gobbling. Have someone take a flash picture while this game is going on. It is so funny, some people have their eyes closed, some are reaching out so they don’t run into anyone, some have their mouths wide open because they are laughing so hard.

Submitted by: Al

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