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Partners race to assume variance silly positions but don't be last or else!

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


8 or more players




A leader must be chosen who will not play. Two equal circles are formed, with one inside the other. The people of the inside circle will pair up with someone on the outside circle and remain with that partner for the rest of the game. The inside circle will walk clockwise clapping their hands in rhythm and the outside circle, also clapping, will walk in the opposite direction. The leader can choose to call out "Knights", "Horses" or "Cavaliers". When the leader calls out "Horses!", the individuals stop clapping and run to find their partner. Once together, one partner will go on all fours, like a horse, and the other partner will straddle their back. The last partner group to form that position will be asked to act out a simple silly situation of their choice that makes use of a rider and a horse. An example would be "Dismount and feed your horse some hay" or "Pretend you are at the rodeo".

The game then continues in the same fashion as before. If the leader calls "Knights!" instead, one partner will sit on the other partner's knee. The partner therefore has one knee up to be sat on and the other on the ground for support. Again, the last partnership must act out a silly sequence such as "You're a baby on daddy's knee!". If "Cavaliers!" is called, then one of the partners will lift their partner up into their arms. However, one leg lifted by their partner is allowed.

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