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A communication where you try to talk your blindfolded teammate through an series of obstacles.

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more players


Blindfolds Numbers of moveable obstacles such as balls, chairs, jackets, shoes etc


Define a square playing space. Have the team create a list of things that are detrimental to functioning as a group such as poor communication, anger, jealosy, wrong tools, not listening etc. For each characteristic/action, throw an object into the playing space, the "minefield." Have the group choose partners. One partner is blindfolded at one end of field. The non-blindfolded partners stand at the opposite end of the field and try to talk their partners through the minefield without running into any of the obstacles. If the blindfolded partner touch an object they die and another partner must try. However, once they are blindfolded the other team can move the objects around if they choose. The team with the highest number of successful crossings wins.

Topics for discussion:

What did they learn from the activity? Did the blindfolded people trust their team? Why or why not? Why is good communication important?

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