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This outdoor game is a combination of hide and seek and tag.

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


A can


Place a can on the ground as home base in an open space. Choose someone to be 'it'. 'It' closes their eyes and counts to 30 while all other players hide. 'It' then proceeds to search for the other players, leaving the can unguarded. When they spy someone they say "I see ______ (replacing the blank with a name) in __________ (the second blank is the location). So for instance you might say "I see Tim under the porch". If in fact the person whose name was called is in the stated hiding place they must go to jail. Jail is simply around the can. Other hiders can try to run to the can without getting spied and kick it over which frees everyone in jail. 'It' then must count to 30 again while everyone hides. Remember that if you try to 'kick the can' you must do so before 'it' can see you and call your name. If 'it' calls someone and is incorrect, 'it' must return to the can and count again while other hide or continue to hide. The can is allowed to be kicked only three times. Then a new player is chosen to be 'it'.

Tag variation:

In this version, 'it' and the player who has been spied race each other to the can. If 'it' touches the can first, the player is jailed. If the player touches the can first, all the players in jail go free and 'it' must count again.

Movement variation:

In this version players are instructed that them can only stay in any given hiding spot for one minute at a time and them must move to a new hiding spot. This creates more action in the game and makes being spied even more risky but perhaps more fun!

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