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A kids game where you send them on a hunt for the treasure chest and lots of prizes by following pictures.

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more players


Treasure chest (you can make this), prizes, trinkets, chocolate coins, candy etc


Create a treasure chest using a box, aluminum foil and black construction paper. You'll also want to cover the lid and tape it to the box such that it will open like a chest. Fill the chest with candy, chocolate coins, small toys, bubble makers, squirt guns, and other assorted prizes. Next, gather a selection of objects in which you will hide clues. Eight items is usually a good number. These can be anything but should be associated with the theme of the party if possible. Draw pictures of each object on small pieces of paper. Next on one more piece of paper draw one more picture of the treasure chest with a map (X marks the spot) or verbal directions to where it can be found. Hide each picture in an object such that as each object is located, the paper inside tells the kids what to look for next. Finally, they should find the paper with the treasure chest and map and thus find the treasure. When the treasure is found, give each child a chance to reach inside and grab a handful of treasure.

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