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A kids game where players advance towards 'mother' by permission only and taking funny steps.

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


3 or more players




This game is similar to Red light green light. There is a goal line and a starting line. The player who is "mother" stands at the goal line. The other players line up about 15 feet away at the starting line. "Mother" faces away from the line of players. There are several kinds of steps (see below). The "mother" addresses one player at a time to "take one giant step" or "take 5 baby steps" or "skip 3 regular steps", etc. but always beginning with their name such "Tim, take 2 baby steps". That player must remember to say "Mother, may I?" and wait for permission before he can advance. Then "mother" says either "yes" or "no" depending on what they want to do. If the player forgets to ask permission first, he must return to the starting line. The "mother" then addresses another player on the line and continues until one player finally reaches the goal line. That player then becomes the "mother."

Player Request Variation:

In this variation, the players ask the "mother" how many steps they want to take such as "Mother may I take 5 baby steps" and mother replies yes or no. The requests go by order of how players are lined up.

Types of Steps:

Baby step - take a teeny, tiny step forward
Regular step - take a normal step forward
Giant step - take a large step forward
Ballet step - each step consists of a complete spin in a circle so three steps would be three circles
Banana step - the player lays down and marks where his/her head is at and then stands there.
Bunny step - a hop forward
Scissors step - jump forward while crossing feet. If 'mother' announces two scissors steps, you can uncross them on the second jump forward.

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