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The game is a game of tag where you swim quietly.

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


4 or more players


Swimming pool


This is a swimming pool game. A person is chosen to be the 'shark'. They get out and stand on the side of the pool facing away from the other players. The other players are called 'minnows'. They are lined up in the pool on one side near the shark. The group must then pick a category. This can be anything such as colors, kinds of animals, states, deserts, brands of candy, flavors of ice cream etc. For example, if the chosen category is flavors of ice cream, each minnow picks a kind of ice cream (but they don't say it out loud). After everyone has made their choice, the shark begins saying different flavors of ice cream (or states or animals etc.). When the flavor that a minnow has chosen is yelled by the shark, he/she swims/moves to the other side of the pool as quietly as they can. Sometimes more than one minnow will have chosen the same thing. Now comes the fun part. If the shark hears any minnow moving then they can jump or dive into the pool and try to tag them. If they are successful, then the minnow who was tagged becomes the shark. Otherwise the shark stays the same. However, if the shark turns around and everyone is still touching the side of the pool, it is considered a foul and the shark must do ten push ups or do a cannonball or whatever the group decides.

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