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A swimming pool tag game where "Marco" chases the "Polos" around the pool.

Game Type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


4 or more players


Swimming pool


This game must be played in a swimming pool. One person is chosen to be "Marco". Marco goes or swims to one end of the pool and closes their eyes. They should still be in the pool, not outside. Then they count to ten and yell "Marco". All the other players in the pool respond "Polo". Marco has to try and catch one of the players who yells "Polo". Players can yell as often as they like but should only respond once for each time Marco yells Once Marco catches a person, then that person is now the next Marco.

If a player fails to say "Polo", Marco can call their name and accuse them. If all other players agree. The person who failed to call "Polo" become the next Marco.

Big toe variation:

In this variation, Marco must stay in the pool but all other players can climb out on the edge as long as some part of their body (such as a big toe) stays in the water. They must still respond "Polo" when "Marco" is yelled.

Fish out of water:

This is similar to the big toe variation. However, if Marco calls "Fish out of water!" then the person with the least amount of skin in the water is the next Marco. If two or more people are all out of the water completely, the last person in the pool is the next Marco.

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