A great ice breaker, try to get BINGO on your game card by meeting people who have done interesting things.

Game Type

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 or more players

What You Need To Play

Bingo card that you make


Make a Bingo card 5 squares wide and long. In each square write a Christmas activity such as "Built a Snowman" "Has a real tree" "Shopped for their inlaws" the list goes on and on. Distribute the game card to everyone. Each person has to find someone in the room who has done something on the card. Then, write that person's name on the square. You can only use a person once on your card. Keep finding people and filling in the card. Prizes can be for the first BINGO and whoever can fill in the most squares in a certain amount of time.


1. Has a live tree
2. Built a snowman
3. Made Christmas cookies
4. Shopped for their in-laws
5. Has a Frank Sinatra Christmas album/CD
6. Can name all eight reindeer
7. Went caroling
8. Went shopping to the mall
9. Read a christmas book
10. Wrapped a present
11. Put up Christmas lights
12. Heard a choir sing in the past 3 weeks
13. Watched a Christmas movie which had Santa Clause in it.
14. Went to Church
15. Gave a gift to someone already
16. Has eaten fruit cake at any time
17. Sent Christmas cards
18. Can name the three gifts of the wisemen
19. Has a Christmas calendar (to countdown the days)
20. Has seen "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens

Now you can come up with 5 more!

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