Here are some crazy questions and funny answers to go with them. They get chosen randomly.

Game Type

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


What You Need To Play

60 cards with questions and answers printed on them.


Get 60 cards. On 30 of them write the questions below and on the other 30 write the answers below. Gather the group into a circle. Hold the cards with the questions like a fan in one hand and the cards with the answers in the other. Ask the first player to choose someone to answer his/her question (aka the second player). The first player then draws a question and the second player draws an answer. The first player read their card aloud. Then the second player reads their answers aloud. The cards are then discarded.. The game goes on until all the questions are asked and answered.


1. Would you like to be a millionaire?
2. Would you like to find yourself in a harem?
3. Do you often visit restaurants?
4. Do you go to work with pleasure?
5. Can you give birth to an athlete?
6. Do you wear a wig?
7. Have you any shortcomings?
8. Do you like music?
9. Are you always so polite as today?
10. Are you able to love?
11. Are you fond of the bottle?
12. Do you like to dance?
13. Would you like to sit next to me?
14. Do you love children?
15. Can you be faithful?
16. Do you often have appointments?
17. Do you love me?
18. Do you behave decently while drunk?
19. Are you jealous?
20. Do you always eat so much?
21. Do you believe in miracles?
22. Are you sorry that you are married?
23. Would you like to get drink today?
24. Do think of free love?
25. Are you modest?
26. Would you like to have many new friends?
27. Do you often tell lies?
28. Can you flatter?
29. Can I rely upon you?
30. Do you often smoke?
31. Can you be tender?


1. No, once I tried, but it ended up a disaster.
2. This is my hobby.
3. Being on the verge of despair only.
4. We are not angels. Things happen.
5. Who is sinless?
6. It is my life's work.
7. I do it with the greatest pleasure.
8. Once, but only in a weak moment.
9. I'm not capable of such a stupid thing.
10. I have only one dream and that is it!
11. No, I'm well bred.
12. I'll answer you in private.
13. I must plead the 5th amendment.
14. Only in the bathroom.
15. Every other day.
16. By no means!
17. While being sober only.
18. If it's cold outdoors.
19. Yes, yes, for pete's sake yes!.
20. In a pay-day.
21. It's quite necessary on Saturday.
22. To while away the time.
23. Only while having a rest in the health resort.
24. If you have much money.
25. People don't speak about it aloud.
26. During my lunch hour.
27. I'll do it if you'll do it.
28. I dream about it after dinner.
29. It would do no harm.
30. Towards evening when I'm feeling amorous.
31. While having a poetic mood

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