Work as individuals or teams to figure out the encoded phrases represented as graphics. Fun for a quick ice breaker activity!

Game Type

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 or more player

What You Need To Play

Print outs (see below) and pencils for everyone


For groups less than 5, play as individuals. Otherwise form small working teams. Hand out one print out per individual or team. You must decode the phrase represented in the graphics. See below for an example. Answers to all fifteen phrases are below.


Try to figure out the well known phrase from this graphic:

The correct answer is "Love Letter".

Print Out

Click here to find the print out page will all fifteen encoded phrases.


Here are the answers:

1. Love letter
2. Batman
3. Magic circle
4. Fish tank
5. Round the clock
6. Gift horse
7. Chain letter
8. Bomb shell
9. Tea cups
10. Candle light
11. Face to face
12. Cannon ball
13. Anchor man
14. Cross bar
15. Baby face

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