Act out the name of a Christmas Carol for your team, but no talking allowed!

Game Type

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more player

What You Need To Play

Paper and pencil


Divide your group into two teams. 3 or more people is best. Next, determine how long you want each round to be. Most groups will use no more than 5 minutes per round. Have each team huddle and brainstorm the names of various Christmas Carols on small pieces of paper. The papers from one team will be used by the other and visa versa so don't mix them. Put each group of papers into a separate hat or bowl. Choose a team to go first and then choose a person on that team to go first.

The first person chooses a paper from the bowl (make sure it's the bowl from the other team) and memorize what it says. The timer then starts and they have to act out what's on the paper without talking. See below for appropriate gestures. When the timer runs out it's the other teams turn. They then draw a paper from the appropriate bowl and act it out. Turns should alternate back and forth with a new person doing the acting each time. Whoever guesses the most within the time limit wins the game.

What's not allowed. No spelling of words. No mouthing answers or words. No pointing to objects in the room.


Here are the correct gestures to use:

Book title:

Put your hands together as if you are praying, then unfold them flat.

Film title:

Form an imaginary lens with one hand while cranking the other hand as if you are operating an old movie camera.

TV show:

Making a box with your hands.


Make quotation marks in the air with your fingers.

Sound like:

To indicate the word sounds like another similar word, pull on your ear or cup your ear.

Number of words in the title:

Hold up number of fingers.

Specific word:

Again hold up the number of fingers - for example for "Gone with the Wind" you would hold up 4 fingers for four words and then prior to acting out "wind" you would hold up 4 fingers again to indicate 4th word.


Hold a specific number of fingers against your arm for a given word.

Short word:

Pinch your thumb and forefinger together.

Long word:

Open your fingers to indicate a long word.

Correct guess:

Give a thumbs up and point to the correct guesser.

Getting hotter:

Wave your hand like a fan.

Getting colder:

Cross your arms and shiver.

Other signals are allowed if agreed upon before the game.

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