Divide into teams and send everyone out to click lots of fun photos. An intense team competition.

Game Type

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players

What You Need To Play

Cameras and vehicles for each team.


First, you need to know that it is CRITICAL that you not play this game unless you have a way to share all the photos with the whole group at the end. The game is not nearly as fun if you cannot share and laugh at all the crazy photos as final stage of the game.

An ideal way to share might be to ensure each team has an Iphone and then share photos on a big screen through Apple TV. Another approach might be to have the group eat a snack during a twenty minute break while you download photos from each smart phone to a computer and then share.

To start, divide the team into groups of 4-6. Each group needs a car and a phone/camera. Phones/cameras should be charged!!! You want to collect the photos on as few phones as possible. This makes it easier for sharing at the end.

Each team has 1 hour to collect as many photos as possible and return to the starting place. 1 hour is perfect for a list of 50 items below. If you only have 30 minutes, cut the list in half.

Print out a list for each team. Have each team track which photos are found/taken

Let them know that they will be penalized one photo/point for each minute they arrive late.

After the teams return, count the photos. The team with the most wins. If two teams are close in number, then you can vote during the photo review portion of the game.

Each team should get a chance to show their photos and "prove" they got what they say the did. There should be lots of laughing and trash talking during this portion of the game.

Photo Ideas

1. Something that begins with the letter Z.
2. ALL group members in a tree.
3. Animal tracks
4. Some group members mimicking a statue.
5. One group member smelling a flower.
6. A restaurant menu.
7. Some group members sitting on a wall.
8. A picture of multiple group members lying on the grass making some kind of shape/letter.
9. A picture of ALL group members on a slide at a playground.
10. A human pyramid
11. Do exactly what the sign says (any sign will work).
12. Capture your reflections in an unusual place (no mirrors!).
13. A forced perspective photo
14. ALL group members in a super tight spot. (I cant believe we all fit in here!)
15. A firetruck (not a picture of one)
16. Group members with a cactus
17. One photo with all these colors in it: red, green, blue, yellow
18. Picture with an live animal that is not a dog or cat.
19. A historical marker
20. Entire team sitting in a chair together (no sofas).
21. Entire team in a group hug.
22. A teammate playing a pinball machine
23. Someone playing a musical instrument
24. A cute baby
25. A teammate hanging upside-down on the monkey bars
26. Some of the group jumping in the air at the same time
27. Entire team reading books
28. A picture of 5 different types of things that are green.
29. Something filled with water.
30. A fire Hydrant with a shirt or jacket on it.
31. Standing (no car) at a fast food drive in window
32. Proposing marriage to a stranger (on one knee)
33. In a port a potty (door open)
34. Entire team in a shower
35. A couple kissing each other (not in the team)
36. Wearing a funny hat
37. A yellow car
38. Blowing a bubble gum bubble
39. Something with stripes
40. Group shot with someone over 80
41. An antique.
42. Something pink
43. A Disney character
44. A red door
45. Stained glass
46. Eating something gross
47. Gravestone
48. Something showing symmetry
49. With your favorite box of cereal
50. Someone on a bike

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