The psychiatrist has to figure out what is wrong with the group. Great for laughs!

Game Type

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


6 or more players

What You Need To Play



Have all players sit down in a circle. One person is chosen to be the "Psychiatrist." This person must then leave the room as the rest of the group prepares to play. With the Psychiatrist out of the room and out of earshot, the rest of the players decide on a psychological illness that they will all have. Anything and everything is valid, no matter how obvious, vague, figurative, hypothetical, or stupid.

Example Fill-in-the-blank Diseases:
1. Everyone acts and responds to question as if he/she is a famous person or someone in the room. (Prince Charles, the Pope etc.)
2. Everyone answers questions for the person sitting on their right (or left).
3. Everyone answers questions in certain style. (See below for ideas).
4. People have a certain aversion/obsession with a certain letter/word/object.

The best ones are usually the most unusual and creative, especially if they relate to inside jokes. Once a "disease" is agreed upon, someone retrieves the psychiatrist, who then comes to the center of the circle. It is now his responsibility as psychiatrist to help his "patients" by discovering what is wrong with them. He does this primarily by asking individual people questions about anything, and noticing eccentricities and inconsistencies in the answers.

If a patient answers a question or says or does something that is inconsistent with his disease or lies, another patient MUST yell "Psychiatrist!!!" At this time, the person who said something wrong and the person who called him on it must switch seats. Sometimes such answers are given accidentally, but they can also be given intentionally to throw the psychiatrist off, especially if responding correctly would give away the disease too easily. (Ex., if everyone is pretending to be one specific person, and the psychiatrist asks "What's your name?", a truthful answer would make for an awfully short round)


The game ends when the psychiatrist correctly identifies his patients' ailment. At this point, a new psychiatrist is chosen and a new game begins.

All Switch Version

When someone yells "Psychiatrist" everyone switches places!

Two Group Variation

Once the Psychiatrist is out of the room, divide the group into two equal groups. Each group chooses a different "disease". Then once the game starts, groups switch/flipflop diseases whenever someone yells "Psychiatrist!". Also, it may be permitted to allow players to change diseases at any time by either moving physically from one group to the other or in some cases by choosing a characteristic for each group to distinguish who is who. For example, one group with disease A might cross their legs and a second group with disease B might uncross their legs. So moving from one disease to the other simply happens by crossing or uncrossing your legs. Other ideas for determining which disease you have might be:

1. Hands behind head
2. Standing vs. sitting
3. Knees together vs. apart
4. Arms crossed

Party Quirks

I found some good ideas for diseases by looking at "Party quirks" on the "Whose line is it anyway" fan page here. Lots of crazy ideas. See below.

1. Slow motion.

2. Circus performers

3. Salesman monkey

4. Thinks their in Gone with the Wind.

5. Everybody thinks they're the person to their right

6. Everybody acts like a different evil company (Microsoft, McDonalds, etc.)

7. Everybody is a different (or the same) stereotype (gangsta, nerd, jock for instance)

8. Everybody has a partner, and they think they are their partner, also, the partners must always sit in the same position as each other

9. Everybody acts as if they are the psychologist themself

10. Everybody is a celebrity that has their name or part of their name.

11. Everybody is both a super hero and a super villan, they answer as one character every other question, and as the other character in between, alternating evil and super.

12. Everybody is a different one of the 7 deadly sins. Gluttony, Lust, Pride, Greed, Slothfulness, Envy, Anger

13. Everybody is a different country/city/state/continent

14. Pinball machine

15. Chicken with it's head cut off

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