Unscramble the movie star names

Game Type

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 to 6 players

What You Need To Play

Papers with names and pencils for all


Scramble the names of popular Movie stars or well-known people and have people figure them out. The person with the most right answers wins.

1 uilja otsebrr Julia Roberts
2 aridhrc eger Richard Geer
3 ophowi globedrg Whoopi Goldberg
4 aciemlh otanek Michael Keaton
5 ryam tarust nerstmaos Mary Stuart Masterson
6 etsve nrtmia Steve Martin
7 edjoi esrfot Jodie Foster
8 evset rnebetugtg Steve Gutenberg
9 lomyl widgrnla Molly Ringwald
10 orairsnh rfdo Harrison Ford
11 cinhlo naidkm Nicole Kidman
12 elm osibng Mel Gibson
13 imk seginrsab Kim Basinger
14 vhyec shaec Chevy Chase
15 mdie ormeo Demi Moore
16 anad yvrac Dana Carvey
17 elichelme ferifpe Michelle Pfiefer
18 nadyn vrgloe Danny Glover
19 yaleyh lislm Haley Mills
20 nhoj skcasuc John Kusacs
21 acjk nisholcon Jack Nicholson

Etc. Etc.

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