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A race to suck peanut from a pile into a cup with a straw. Are you the king of suction?

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Straws Peanuts (in their shells) Cups


Give each player a drinking straw and a paper cup. Everyone gathers around a pile of peanuts. Each then sucks through his/her straw to move peanuts from the pile into their cup. Set a timer for one minute -- the winner is the one with the most peanuts in her cup when the timer rings. Younger children may find it easier to "sip" plastic packing peanuts which can be exchanged for the real thing for eating.


Another way to play is to put 5 peanuts for each player in the center pile (4 players would use 20 peanuts) and everyone keeps sipping until all the peanuts have been removed to someone's cup. Then everyone gets to eat all they sipped.

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