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A game where you (the goose) try to reach the open spot in the circle before your opponent.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


5 or more players




Five or more people sit, stand, or kneel in a circle facing in. One person who is the goose hunter goes around the circle touching each person on the head as they pass and saying "duck." The goose hunter continues around the circle tapping heads and saying "duck" until he decides he's ready. He then taps someone on the head and says "goose" and proceeds to run around the circle one way or the other. The "goose" must run around the circle in the opposite direction. Both are racing for the open spot in the circle. The loser gets to be the goose hunter for the next round. Variations on this game are many including hopping or skipping, or perhaps in piggy-back.

Goose hunter in the middle:

In another version, after the goose hunter choose the goose, instead of racing in opposite directions, the goose chases the goose hunter attempting to tag them. If they are successful, they get to be the next goose hunter for the next round. However, if they catch the goose hunter, the goose hunter must sit in the center of the circle until another person takes their place.

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