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Everyone write and then sings funny lyrics to the Irish drinking song as seen on Who\'s Line Is It Anyway.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Paper and pencil. CD player. Scissors.


Download the song file on this site and burn to CD. I would suggest burning the song several times on the same CD.

Irish Drinking Song Download


Take a sheet of paper for each player and number as follows: On the first sheet number it A1, A2, A3. down to A8 on the left hand side. Leave plenty of space between each number. Basically you want A1 through A4 on the top half and A5 to A8 on the bottom. You need to leave space because you\'ll be cutting them into eight pieces later.

Now each person has sheet, a pencil and each sheet is numbered. Play the song for the group so they get an idea of the cadence of the song. You can even play the song in the background during the writing phase. Each song has a total of 8 lines from start to finish. The number of syllables in each line can vary but should generally follow the song. A typical patter is:
Line 1: 7 syllables
Line 2: 6 syllables
Line 3: 7 syllables
Line 4: 6 syllables (and must rhyme with line 2)
Line 5: 7 syllables
Line 6: 6 syllables
Line 7: 8 syllables
Line 8: 6 syllables (and must rhyme with line 6)

Writing Phase
All players write line 1 on their page. Pages are then passed to the left and players write line 2. Pages are passed again to the left and line 3 is written and so forth until all 8 lines are done. Remind players that line 4 must rhyme with line 2 and Line 8 must rhyme with line 6. Gather up all the pages and cut each into 8 parts. Keep them together.

Singing Phase
Players take turns singing 4 at a time. Cue the music. Singers always sing \"Hidy Hidy Hidy Hidy Hidy Hidy Ho\" for the intro and pretend to hold mugs of ale. Singer #1 should be given Lines #1 and #5, Singer 2 receives lines #2 and #6, Singer 3 gets lines #3 and #7 and Singer 4 gets #4 and #8. Singers sing in rotation through all 8 lines. At the end there is an \"outro\" where they sing \"Hidy Hidy Hidy Hidy Hidy Hidy Ho\" one more time.

After the laughter dies down. Choose 4 new singers, pass out the lines and cue the music again. Sing your hearts out until all the pages have been sung.

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