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Four teams race to see how many balloons they can get in their bags before the music stops!

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


A large area and lots of balloons (four different colors, make sure you try to get them roughly in equal numbers) 16 players or more Four large plastic bags Fun party music


Set up: Four teams in four corners with their plastic bag and balloons in the middle, jumbled up.

Rules: Divide everyone up into teams and decide who from each team will be the bag holder (so everyone gets a turn in the fun, alternate bag holders each round). After that, assign each team a color balloon. Now, make up a funny way to get the balloons into the bag, for example, "You have to bounce the balloon onto your head until you get to the bag." Then, start the music. Everyone will run to the center (except the bag holder) and pick up one of their team's color balloon and do the silly action until they get to their team's corner. The bag holder puts it in the bag. If a kid drops a balloon and it touches the ground, they have to go to the middle and start over. After a few songs (two or three is easiest), stop the music and tell the bag holder for each team to count how many balloons are in the bag. The team that has the most balloons, wins.

Submitted by:

Mary Anderson, Tennessee

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