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Another version of a white elephant gift exchange.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


One wrapped gift for each person, and numbers (two sets of the same numbers.)


We've played variations of this game at our company Christmas Party for 4 years, everyone LOVES it. You can play any type of game as long as everyone wins ONCE. We generally just use a number draw, where each guest is issued a number on a ticket, and corresponding numbers are put in a bowl and drawn one at a time. We have large parties, so this works well. As the first person's name is drawn, they come and select a wrapped gift. They have to open it in front of everyone and let everyone see what it is. The next person whose number is drawn has the choice of selecting a new gift, or "stealing" a gift that has already been opened. If someone has their gift "stolen" they get to select a new gift. You can only steal once (because otherwise, this could go on and on), but your gift can be stolen any number of times. This game could be modified to some type of musical chairs or pass the potato, but with large parties (30-50 people) the number draw works best due to the time factor. This can even be done as a gift exchange, where each person brings a gift, however, it works best if the gifts are desirable, so people will steal. It gets so fun when the same gift gets stolen repeatedly.

Submitted by:

Sue Sims, Calgary AB

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