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A race to see who can create the best

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


You will need the following items, in a paper bag, for each team: An unused pair of panty hose, 14-7


Teams have 5 minutes to make the most attractive "antlers" they create with balloons they blow up and stuff into the legs of the panty hose which are worn on the head of a volunteer "reindeer", adding the red gift bow as "Rudolf's" nose and tying the end of the "antlers" with the ribbon. Judges (spectators) vote for the most attractive rack after time is called. Have your camera ready-the results are hilarious! Can also be done as a relay race.

1) Cut off the tip of the toe of each pair of panty hose.
2) Next: cut out a 5 inch hole in the center of the tummy of the panty hose.
3) Place one pair of panty hose, a red gift bow, 14-7" balloons (uninflated) and two 10" lengths of Christmas ribbon in a paper bag for each team.
4) Divide your group into equal size teams, (4 works good) and designate several "judges".
5) Give each team a bag with their supplies in it.
5) Instruct each team to appoint a volunteer to be the "reindeer". Have this person place the waist of the panty hose over their head with their face in the 5" hole you have cut out.
6) On GO! Teams begin inflating their balloons and stuffing them in the open toe, and up the legs of the panty hose to form "antlers". Team members should complete their creation by placing the red gift bow on the volunteer "reindeer's" nose, close off the open toe with the 10" lengths of ribbon and "positioning" the antlers for the most attractive look they can accomplish by manipulating the balloons.
7) After 5 minutes is up ask the "judges" to select the most attractive "rack"!

Submitted by:

Colleen Lemke, Appleton, WI

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