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Players invent clever Christmas limericks. Winner makes the most clever punch line.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Paper and pencils.


Host prepares by putting one of the following limerick lines at the top of a piece of paper.

1. When Santa took off in his sleigh
2. There was an old fellow named Clause
3. St Nick had a reindeer named Blitzen
4. Old scrooge he did nothing but frown

Limericks are short 5 line poems in this format:
1st line 8 syllables with last word "A"
2nd line 8 syllables with last word rhyming with "A" in first line
3rd line 5 syllables with last word "B"
4th line 5 syllables with last word rhyming with "B" in 3rd line
5th line 8 syllables with last word rhyming with "A" in first line

There once was a snowman named Bud
Who thought of himself as a stud
But later that day
A girl came his way
And he melted and turned into mud

Players each start with paper and pencils. They each take 2 minutes to write the next line of the limerick on their page. Then pages are all passed at the same time to the right. Players again take 2 minutes to complete the next line. Pages are passed like this until limericks have all 5 lines. Players initial the page on which they write the last line.

Pages are then gathered and read aloud. The most funny limerick or the one that gets the biggest reaction wins and the prize goes the person whose initials are on the page.

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