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A fun murderer and detective game with an amphibious twist! A lot like winking murder but you kill by sticking out your tongue!

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players




Everyone sits in a circle. You will need about 6-30 people. Pass out cards or small slips of paper marked with an X and a D. The X is the frog and the D is the detective. The detective sits in the middle of the circle. . The frog sits in the circle with everyone else. When the game starts, the frog can kill by using his/her tongue. The frog makes sure the detective isn\'t looking and then sticks his or her tongue out really fast. If anybody sees him or her they fall on the floor and die. The detective tries to figure out who it is by watching carefully. The frog can stick his or her tongue out as long and as many times as she or he wants.

How to win:

If the frog can kill everyone except for one person, the frog wins. If the detective spots the tongue then the detective wins.

Submitted by:

Ally Gilder, Clarkston, Michigan

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