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A truth or dare type game used for an ice breaker.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players



The number of the players is more than two. All the players put their both hands with the palms down on the table (the left hand goes first, the right one the second). The players make a pyramid of their hands in the center of the table. The player whose hand is on the top of the pyramid (the player who puts his right hand on the pyramid the last) names any number, e.g. 5. The players begin to count from the hand on the top of the pyramid: the player whose hand is on the top moves away his/her hand-1, then the next player-2 etc. till 5. The player whose hand is number 5 must answer the leader\'s question. The players must give true answers to the questions. If the answer is not true the leader doesn\'t accept it. This game is suitable for making acquaintance. If the answer is accepted the game begins a new. Everybody tries to put the hands in the middle of the pyramid so as not to be a leader.

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