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A guessing game where you guess who each Christmas character is by asking questions.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more players


Tags for each person's back with Christmas characters written on them


Make tags with names of Christmas characters: Kris Kringle, Mrs. Claus, Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Rudolf, Frosty, etc. Then put one on each persons' back. They have to go around the room and ask other attendees questions that could be answered with a yes or no to find out who they are. When they guessed their own "identity" they get a prize.

1. Ask "yes" or "no" questions only.
2. Answer yes or no to questions only.
3. No removing your own name tag to find out. If you ask, anyone will help you find out your identity.
4. If you need people seated or grouped up this may be a good way to do it. Have place cards at the seat of each item. Or have a few different categories of item to guess. Then when it comes time to group up have the cartoon characters go here, vegetables there, etc.

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