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Using standard scrabble tiles and no board players race to create crosswords. Super fast and fun!

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 to 6 players


Scrabble tiles.


This game is a lot more fun than regular scrabble, and it goes by quicker. To begin, you sit in a circle and dump the scrabble letters in the middle. You then turn them upside down. A scrabble board is not used in this game, but everyone needs space to build their own crossword. When everyone is ready, somebody says go. Everybody takes four letters and tries to make something of it in scrabble form (without the board!) When someone has used all their letters, they yell \"go\", and everybody has to get four more. When someone has used all eight of the letters that they now have (you can break up previously made words, or even break up your whole board if you are stumped) they yell \"go\" and everyone has to get four more letters. This is done over and over until all of the letters are used up. The first person to use all of their letters wins. If no one feels that they can use all of their letters at any time, everyone agrees to get four more letters and continue play. This game really gets intense when some people start falling behind while having to get more and more letters,

Submitted by:

Ellis Atwood, Temple TX

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