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A game where guests guess what things could be inside the small gift box.

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 or more players


Small match box filled with small items See the list below for ideas


Place a mini bow on a matchbox. Inside the matchbox place 30 or so small items. Then have guests write down what they think is in the gift box and the winner who guesses the most gets a prize (could be a box of candy etc.) Set a time limit of 3 minutes. Items inside the match box could be: staple, paperclip, paper fastener, tack, stamp, sticker, piece of paper, dental floss, pill, dime, nickel, penny, needle, pin, safety pin, button, yarn, thread or string, ribbon, pom-pom, craft wiggle eye, bead, piece of material, nail, screw, nut, toothpick, twist tie (bend it), match (of course), rock or pebble, seed, peanut, etc. After the three minutes are up, read the list of everything in the box and have them mark the ones they got. The one with the most matches wins.

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