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Players draw Xmas pictures on paper on top of their heads. Points are scored on the quality of the drawing.

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 or more players


Paper, pens, books for support


Everyone places a large book on their head with a piece of blank paper on it. They each have a pen. The host then gives a series of instructions. Without looking, the players draw onto their page, which is over their head. Here are the instructions:

1. Draw a line for a floor
2. Draw a Christmas Tree.
3. Draw a star on top of your tree.
4. Draw a fireplace with a mantel next to the tree.
5. Draw a stocking hanging from the mantel of your fireplace."
6. Draw a present below the tree.

Have everyone remove their pictures from their heads. It can be pretty funny to see what you have drawn.


The host now offers points for random hits.

1. 2 points if the tree touches the floor.
2. 2 points if your stocking is touching your mantel
3. 1 point if your star touches your tree.
4. 1 point if your star is above your tree
5. 1 point for every Christmas ornament ball that is ON your tree, etc.
6. 1 point if your fireplace doesn't touch the tree (it's a fire hazard!)
7. 1 point if you actually drew something decorative on your stocking.
8. 2 point if your present if under your tree.

The winner is then the person with the most points. It is fun because the 5 year old is as likely to win as grandpa. You can then offer a prize that anyone would like no matter their age, like a giant tin of cashews or a box of chocolates.

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