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A chasing game of tag with a twist where players run through a big maze made from duct tape.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Duct Tape, Two Blind Folds, A Large Floor Area For A Maze.


Set up a large maze on the floor with duct tape with a start and finish line. Make the width of the maze wide enough for two people to easily go through (about 5 feet). Also place a penalty dot mark in the middle of the maze. At this place or at the beginning of the maze is where a cat or mouse will have to return if he or she steps on a maze line at any point while in the maze. A person goes back to the beginning of the maze if he or she steps on a line before passing this mark and he or she goes back to the penalty mark if he or she steps on a line after having passed it. For penalties, the trainer takes the cat or mouse out of the maze and back to the designated point.

Split your party group up into two equal sized teams. The first team will be the mice. The second team will be the cats. Blindfold the first person from each team to go through the maze. Each team will have a designated trainer. The job of the trainers is to lead the mice/cats through the maze. The trainers cannot speak, but can only use the following commands:

1 click of the fingers = Go
2 clicks of the fingers = Stop
1 clap = Left turn
2 claps = Right turn

The first mouse team member is given a 30-45 second lead (depending on the size of the maze) before the first cat team member is allowed to start the maze. The object of the game is for the mouse to get through to the end of the maze before the cat catches him or her. The cat catches the mouse simply by touching or running into the mouse. If the mouse team has more members finish the maze than those who get
caught in the maze, they win. If not, then the cat team wins. After each team member has had a chance to go through the maze, have the two teams switch roles.

Submitted by:

Ben Brown, Warsaw IN

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