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Two teams race to dig through the pile of shoes for their own. A fun relay race.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


20 or more players




Two or more teams of about 10 - 15 players remove both their shoes and place them in one big pile about 15 feet away. The shoes must be mixed up so no one shoe is easily recognizable. Two or more teams line up and each player at the top of the line runs to the pile, must find his or her shoes, put them on, laced and buckled and run back to their next team mate, next team mate does the same until the team who finishes first wins.


You can have each team member only find and put on one shoe and then run to the back of their team's line. When it's their turn again, they must now find and put on the other shoes. This makes the game move a bit faster.

Submitted by:

Paula Richards, Barbados

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