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A funny game of deception and humor where your volunteer thinks he pokes you in the eye. Good for laughs.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


4 or more players


Blindfold. Chairs. Bowl of Jell-O.


Everyone leaves the room except three people and the host. The three people seat themselves on chairs lined in a row. The host goes out of the room where the other party goers are gathered and blindfolds a volunteer. The blindfolded volunteer is guided into the room. The host explains to the volunteer that they are to try and recognize by touch each of the three people seated before them. The host holds the index finger of
the volunteer and guides it over the face of the first seated person. "This is the nose" as the finger is guided over the nose. "These are the lips" as the finger is guided over the lips. "This is the left eye"
as the finger is guided over the left eye lid. Likewise with the right eye. After this is done, the host asks the volunteer if they can recognize the person seated on the chair.

The host then moves on to the second seated person and repeats the procedure. And again with the third seated person, only this time, when the host is holding the index finger of the volunteer and is just about to stroke the right eyelid, the host plunges the finger into a bowl of Jell-O. The volunteer thinks he has just plunged his finger into the seated persons right eye. SCREAMS! The people outside of the room wonder what is going on! Repeat all this again with another volunteer who is outside of the room. Eventually you will have a room full of prior victims anticipating the "jelly moment". A very memorable party moment full of laughter, screams and belly aches!!

Submitted by:

JD England

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