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Unwrap and gift with a silly hat and socks on your hands if you roll the right number with dice.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Wrapped prize. Dice. Clean socks. Silly hat.


Wrap a gift in a box (this can be a gag or serious gift). Wrap the box using a lot of tape on all the edges and if want to you can even duct tape the box shut to make it more difficult. Put this wrapped box into a bigger box and wrap it again very tight. You can use as many boxes as you want, I use 3 (the more boxes the longer the game).

Put the wrapped boxes in the center of the room. Have funny articles of clothing handy (I use socks to put on your hands and a hat - can use whatever you want). Pick 2 numbers between 1-12. The group takes turns rolling the two dice and until they get one of those numbers. If they do not get one of the numbers on their roll they quickly pass the dice to the next person. If they get the number they have to put the hat on their head, put the socks on their hands and begin to open the gift. The whole time the other people are still passing the dice and if they get that number they have to take the hat and socks from the first person and they then continue to open the gift.

First person to open the gift wins it. This is a really fun game and even more fun to watch.

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