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Be the first team to make 8 correct guesses from sketched picture clues.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


4 or more players


Dice, paper, pencils,

Picking teams:

Divide players into two teams. High die roll decides which team plays first. The first team selects a Sketcher; all other first team players are then the Guessers. As one team sketches and guesses a name or phrase, the opposing team watches. Play alternates between teams with each new name or phrase to be sketched.

Rotate the role of Sketcher on a team so that all team members have the opportunity to be Sketcher. Each time your team must draw a new name or phrase, select a new member of your team to be the Sketcher.

Set up:

Each team must make a list of 8 movies, books, or TV shows for use by the opposing team. Each title should be written on a separate piece of paper and placed in a bowl. Don\'t mix the two team\'s titles together! They should be in separate bowls. Have someone act as the timer.


1. Give the pad, pencil to the Sketcher.

2. Have the Sketcher choose a piece of paper from the appropriate bowl (from the other team) and read the title silently. This is what needs to be sketched.

3. The Sketcher then announces the category of the name or phrase to be sketched. For example: Books, TV Shows, etc.

4. The timer person starts the timer and the countdown begins. (The opposing team helps keeps track of the time limit.) Timer is usually set for 30 seconds, but could be more or less. You decide.

5. The Sketcher then sketches a picture clue from the chosen title.

6. As the Sketcher sketches, the Sketcher\'s teammates start shouting out what they think is being drawn. Players can guess as many times as they want. Guessing is NOT done in turn! Parts of a name or phrase can be considered acceptable guesses. It\'s up to the Sketcher to decide. For example, if a player guessed \'Superman\' in the TV Shows category, and the card stated the answer as \'The Adventures of Superman\', that answer could be considered correct.

Sketching rules:

1. No letters, words or numbers can be drawn. Symbols such as dollar signs($), arrows, plus signs(+), etc. are acceptable. However, if part of a name or phrase is guessed correctly, you may write that word next to your sketch just like on TV!

2. Never speak while sketching, but you may gesture to indicate whether the guess is close or off-track!

3. You may also draw an ear to mean \"sounds like\" and then sketch a rhyming word.

4. In the Books category, do not sketch the author\'s name or give it as a verbal clue to the Guessers. (Authors are included only as a help to you.)


If the Sketcher\'s team guesses correctly before the timer is emptied, the Sketcher\'s team gets one point and marks the score on a separate sheet of paper. It is now the opposing team\'s turn to sketch and guess a new name or phrase from a new card. If the Sketcher\'s team does not guess correctly before the timer is emptied, they do not win the point. The opposing team then gets ten seconds to make one guess to win the point.

If the opposing team guesses correctly, they win the point and mark the score on a separate sheet of paper. It is then their turn to sketch and guess a new name or phrase from a new piece of paper. If the opposing team does not guess correctly, no one wins the point. It is now the opposing teams turn to sketch and guess a new name or phrase from a new card.


After both teams have sketched all 8 titles (for a total of 16), the team with the most points wins.

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