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Help your blindfolded teammate find scattered objects as fast as you can. Itís a race against your opponents.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


4 or more players


Paper bags for each team. Lots of large and small objects to scatter. Blindfolds.


Divide the players into groups of two. Scatter objects all over the floor of a large area or room. There should be at least 4 objects for every team of two. Some objects can be small, like a pair of tweezers or a quarter, and other objects can be big like a remote or a plate. One person on each team is blindfolded and hold a paper bag. Their partner (the shipmate) must tell them where to pick up items on the floor using verbal directions such as \"go right, now straight, now left, now bend down and pick it up\". The player puts the
item in his/her bag and whoever gets the most after all the items are gone wins!

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